Crafted with 100% of natural origin ingredients

we are taking it back to the olden days where women would use natural ingredients to create their own beauty secrets . Think of it like this all of the beauty secrets that our grandmothers used in one jar . We a providing organic and vegan products for all skin types and all genders . Let’s bring natural products back . Using harsh products can strip the skins natural oils which can lead to irritation and dryness. We at Excusemyskincare vow to give our customers nothing but natural products to repair and rejuvenate the skin . 

While sitting down at a cafe in the lower east side of Manhattan ,an younger woman walked up to the CEO of Excusemyskincare and asked her what she’s been using on her skin . The CEO Fufu replied “body butter that I have made my self” the young woman was so surprise by the glow of Fufu ’s skin quickly she asked if Fufu had zelle so that she can make her some of this body butter . Her exactly words was “ Dude seriously you must make me some of this secret sauce “ Amy laughed and asked the young lady what’s she’s been using on her skin over the years . The young woman explained how she used to buy skin care products for 250 and up and nothing worked for her . She said that the skin care she used contained harsh chemicals which made her look and feel terrible . Fufu explained to the young lady saying “You’ve just spent years of using really badly formulated products, which is like years and years of eating junk food,’” . After seeing the young lady excited to try the beauty regime that Fufu’s grandmother passed down to her Fufu decided to share it with the world . “I never knew I had an secret so good that can change some ones life . “ Fufu realized when your skin looks good you also feel good . That’s our Company’s goal to ensure our customers we will formulate natural products that will make you look and feel good . We will do all in our power to give the luxury experience without spending so much .We cannot imagine nothing better than natural products that will make you glow while repairing your skin . We are grateful and we will do everything in our power to make sure a customer is satisfied with these products .