White sage has been burned for hundreds of years all over the world for sacred ceremonies and cleansings. White Sage is most commonly used for cleansing, purifying, and protecting the user - banishing negative energies surrounding them and providing a barrier for protection. Our White Sage is sustainably sourced, harvested, and hand-wrapped in the backwoods of southern California, USA. We hand-wrap every sage bundle with ancient techniques to ensure all bundles burn long and slow. White Sage has a natural, earthy scent when burned. The scent, when breathed deeply, will spark a spiritual connection within your body, and soothe any negative thoughts or energies surrounding you. White Sage is typically used for aromatherapy before meditation to improve mental focus and release of stress. Using bundled sage for cleansing is the fastest way to eliminate negative energy from objects and your surroundings. Sage is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for energy smudging within your home. Specifications: 🔥 Package of 3 🔆 2-3 inches long x 0.5 inches wide 🇺🇸 Harvested & hand-wrapped in California, USA🌿 Certified Organic by USDA

Organic White Sage Bundles - 3 Pack