The Excusemyskincare Professional LED Light Therapy Beauty Face Mask is an exciting and effective breakthrough in skin care, treating a wide variety of skin ailments with light therapy. There are seven different colors built into the mask with each color treating different skin conditions. 


Each Excusemyskincare Professional LED Mask has seven different color LED lights built-in, each color treating the skin in different aspects. 

Red: Anti-Aging, Increases Collagen, Decreases Inflammation, Improves Rosacea and Sun Damage, Tightens Loose Skin, Increases Elasticity, Revitalizes Cells, Improves Blood Circulation
Blue: Kills Acne-Producing Bacteria, Improves Acne, Tightens Saggy Skin, Normalize Skin Tone, Decrease Rosacea, Minimizes Pore Size, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, Increase Skin Oxygen
Green: Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Treat Oily Skin, Mitigate Mental Stress, Promotes Lymphatic Drainage, Decrease Acne, Decrease Surface Capillaries
Purple: Combination Of Red & Blue Light; Anti-Aging, Sterilizes Acne-Producing Bacteria, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Cyan: Reduces Swollen Capillaries, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, Alleviate Mental Stress
Yellow: Reduce Brown Age Spots, Stimulates Red Blood Cells, Reduces Pigmentation, Balances Skin Texture, Firms and Tightens, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Reduces Redness
White: Energizes, Penetrates Skin Deepest; Speeds Up Skin Metabolism, Strengthen loose skin,  Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring


With LED Light Therapy Technology the face mask helps to increase collagen, clear and tighten skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is the perfect addition to your skin care routine! We recommend using the Excusemyskincare LED Light Therapy Mask for 20 minutes 3-5 times a week. Consistency is key! For best results continue use of your regular skin care routine.



Each of the seven different options can be adjusted to accommodate to your skin's sensitivity level. Our Excusemyskincare Professional LED Light Therapy Mask is 100% safe and cannot harm or damage the skin.



Light-emitting diodes (LED), originally developed for NASA plant growth experiments in space show promise for delivering light deep into tissues of the body to promote wound healing and human tissue growth. The technology used in our Hayden & Co. Professional LED Light Therapy Masks used to be a secret beauty hack but now you can use it in the comfort of your own home. Each mask has seven different color LED lights built-in that you can select, each color treating different ailments.


Professional LED Light Therapy Face Mask